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Advice for Building a Realistic Business Plan

In the world of entrepreneurship, business plans are the foundation of every new venture. However, it is important to make sure a business plan is written with realistic goals in mind so that the start up business owner does not falter early in the game.

One good starting step to take when you are creating a business plan is to do some market research. You will want to know how big the market is and what kind of customers and competition there will be in your chosen area of business. This can cause some problems if the market information is used incorrectly to predict future profits. To avoid this, here are some ways to approach a new business realistically.

First, calculate a budget for advertising. This will need to take into effect the range of the advertising and how many potential customers will see it. If you spend a large portion of the budget on ads in a magazine targeted to a very specific readership, it might not be the best investment of your advertising dollars.

Also in your business plan you will need to estimate how many employees and sales people you will have the money to hire. You will have to think about how many potential customers each sales person will be able to contact and how many people will be necessary to reach out to before the completion of a sale.

Third, the product or service itself will have to be examined. You will have to factor in how common or popular the product you are selling is. If people aren't familiar with what you are offering, then they will be more reluctant to buy it. If it is a new idea, then you need to do some research to determine what it will take to convince someone to purchase your product. Also, you should calculate how often a person will need to buy the service or product. Is it something like a light bulb that will need to be replaced frequently or is it a bigger purchase like a car that people will only buy years apart?

When you start a business, contact a business lawyer from who  will be able to assist you with start up financing as you will most likely have very limited capital, and you will need to make the most of it. When a business plan is unrealistic, those dollars won't stretch very far, and the business may not last. However, if you take a fair and reasonable outlook on the realistic expenses and the quality of what you are selling, you will have a far better chance at succeeding with your start up business.